Sunday, December 12, 2010

the evolution of a crafter

So while my family and I were placing ornaments on the tree, I couldn't help but belly laugh when I came upon my 1st Christmas craft ornament that I made when I was in the 2nd grade. My mom also finds it quite humorous. I was going to put it in my Christmas tree post, but thought it deserved its own spotlight.

My 1st Christmas craft

I still remember being in Ben Franklin's and scrambling around trying to find all my perfect pieces for an award winning ornament. {This was for a school contest peeps.}

I thought I was so clever using a quilting circle and then gluing glitter all over. I remember finding the mirror tiles in the sale bin {loved sales at 7..I had a budget even then too} and knew I wanted a word. Finding the big faceted oval helped me determine the best word to use was "joy." Sadly my poor choice in ribbon has never held its own over the years. Oh well....I was 7.

Funny thing is, it wasn't until I saw this ornament, that I instantly thought of my latest craft project:

The word still has meaning for me now....and so does glitter. Those letters are encrusted with black matte glitter dust.

Oh how I have grown as a crafter! :) Such a funny revelation that I had to share.


PS And no...I did not win. Brandon Klemenz won. He took a styrofoam ball and used pins to pin colorful sequins in an amazing pattern. Ugh. It was a crushing defeat.


  1. awwww, poor e! Such defeat at an early age. She even remembers who won and with what ornament. Sooo sorry!
    I love your ornament and your newest Christmas craft!
    I hope you've been productive this weekend!
    me... not so much!

  2. Girl, I think both projects are great! Your ornament was superb! : )

  3. I think it's pretty creative for a 7 year old! Lots of glam and sparkle! And that little framed "JOY" is lovely. I want to try that one.

  4. At Christmas you cannot have too much sparkle. So cute! I do love the "JOY" that abounds - what a great word.


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