Friday, December 10, 2010

house hunters: Chapel Creek Subdivision & Versailles

Diamond in the rough...these homes are all diamonds awaiting to be polished. The subdivision is a lovely place. It is just not the NKOTB of subdivisions. What do you think?

It is quite nice there has been a MAJOR renovation of this property. I think I can fine tune it even more. But the bigger plus is the basement is unfinished. That is perfect for our special family needs.

Umm..hello pool and fenced in backyard. There are just enough pics to tease me into a showing.

Pool..unfinished basement..cul-de-sac. My interests have been peaked. the homes are a tad older. They are old enough to be dated well into the 80s, but they are still young enough to not be considered classic, vintage, or stately...but let me put it into perspective. All of these homes remind me of a home I once saw and how the owners transformed it into something more even more breathtaking.

Remember the Nester's Old Nest?

For the price of these homes not only could I do a renovation of Nester proportions, but I could also decorate to my heart's content with the dollars I save.

I figure if the Nester can do can I.

Do you have faith in me? Or have I lost my mind? {As I blog this...I am scheduling a few showings of these homes.}

PS Dad and I are seeing this home on Monday. It has been on the market for quite some time, with the price always dropping, and the owners are very motivated to sell {even lease to own}. Obviously the home speaks for itself. Its subdivision is amazing with its pool, clubhouse, and tennis courts...oh and it is HUGE and it is SPECTACULAR. :)
If the timing is can get a huge home for the price becuase these homes are just not selling in my area. Might need to work on my million dollar idea a bit more. :)


  1. If I can be totally honest, I like the first one the best, the last one coming in second. The middle one has a lot of details to work on... shiny brass, lots of crazy colors, lower ceilings. The outside is its best feature, so if the price is really low then it could be a winner! I like the first house almost as is, and the third house is gorgeous from the outside. (always nice to be on a cul-de-sac!)

    Looks like youre coming up with lots of great choices!

  2. What on earth?! Are the lawns really that green? That stuff is craziness! Beautimous!


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